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Have you ever been thrown an unexpected curve ball in life? Have you ever wondered why some people can overcome horrific events in their life and go on to live an even better, more fulfilled life - and you ask yourself, “How did they do that?” Have you ever wondered why most people live a totally different life than the life they really want to live?

Do you feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and unhappy even though you have successes in life? Do you feel like you are here for something ‘bigger’ than THIS?

In SHATTERED, Jennifer Kauffman shares her story and journey of healing naturally from the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings. In this powerful, inspirational and transformational book, she gives you valuable insights and tools that will help you overcome any obstacle in your life and show you how you can create a life you LOVE....

These valuable tools will help you to:

  • Identify what really matters to you!
  • Let go of anything that is not serving you and your best interests!
  • Break through your fears and create the results you say you want out of life!
  • Show you how to design and create a life you love!


  • Turn your FEARs into rocket fuel that will propel you to achieve what matters most to YOU!
  • Unleash the power ‘warrior spirit’ within yourself and move past the struggles in your life!
  • Heal naturally!
  • Create an amazing life that YOU LOVE!


  • Rise above trauma and live a life you LOVE!
  • A true life story and lessons from the Boston Marathon Bombings.
  • Face your FEAR — ‘Face Everything And Rise!’
  • Transform the ‘bad’, and even ‘horrific’, events in our lives and go on living an empowered, amazing life!
  • Jennifer used her love for adventure to go on a treasure hunt, looking for the ‘good’ that came out of her experience at the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings and why that made a huge difference in her recovery.
  • Alter your Mindset | The power of our beliefs, which led to Jennifer finding a way to heal 100% naturally from the injuries she sustained at the Boston Marathon Bombings.
  • Re-wire’ your brain for success after trauma.
  • TRUST your own instincts even when everyone around you may have different opinions.
  • LET GO! Simply walk away peacefully from anything that does not feel right or is not supportive, uplifting and loving to you.
  • Forgive those that hurt you so YOU can move forward in PEACE!
  • Set healthy BOUNDARIES for yourself!
  • Live each day as if it was a miracle because the truth is it is a MIRACLE!
  • ASK for what you need and watch how the Universe responds!
  • Why it is so important to foster an attitude of gratitude.